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Bulletin / Recall

Models affected


GL1500 Goldwing and Valkyrie
1500SB1 1988 GL1500 Carburetor vent hose routing
1500SB2 1988 GL1500 Low speed driveability improvement
1500SB3 GL1500 CB radio sub-harness
1500SB4 88-89 GL1500 Saddlebag water leakage
1500SB5 88-89 GL1500 Improved windshield seal
1500SB6 RECALL 88-93 GL1500 Bank angle sensor replacement
1500SB7 RECALL 1997 GL1500 Valkyrie Turn signal bracket replacement
1500SB8 97-98 GL1500 Valkyrie Hondaline CB radio kit
1500SB9 RECALL 2000 GL1500 A/SE Defective 3-way "T" fitting to the air injection control valve (AICV)
GL1800 Goldwing
1800SL48 (revised) SERVICE LETTER #48
All GL1800
Battery Preparation & Maintenance
1800SB1 2001 GL1800 Coolant temperature guage improvement
1800SB2 RECALL 2001 GL1800/A Engine stop switch
1800SB3 RECALL 2001 GL1800/A Crankshaft pulse rotor
1800SB4 2001 GL1800/A Radio muting improvement
1800SB5 2002 GL1800 Reverse cable inspection/adjustment
1800SB6 01-02 GL1800/A Rear tire inspection
1800SB7 2001 GL1800/A Oxygen sensor replacement
1800SB8 2001 GL1800/A Speedometer replacement
1800SB9 01-02 GL1800A ABS speed sensor wire clamp location
1800SB10 01-02 GL1800/A CB radio replacement
1800SB11 01-02 GL1800/A CD changer replacement
1800SB12 RECALL 02-03 GL1800 Bank angle sensor mounting screws
1800SB13 0103 GL1800/A ECM replacement/cooling system improvement
1800SB14 (revised) RECALL 02-03 GL1800/A Frame weld
1800SB15 (revised) 01-08 GL1800/A Trunk opener unit, Opener rod, & Snap
1800SB16 RECALL 02-04 GL1800/A Linked braking system proportional control valve leakage
1800SB17 (revised) RECALL 01-02 GL1800/A Frame weld
1800SB18 (revised) RECALL 03-04 GL1800/A Frame weld
1800SB19 06 GL1800 Airbag CB radio squeal
1800SB20 (revised) RECALL All GL1800 Secondary master cylinder inspection/replacement
1800SB21 (revised) 2012 GL1800/A Navigation system software product update campaign
1800SB22 RECALL All GL1800 Dragging rear brake interim bulletin
1800SB23 (revised) RECALL All GL1800 Secondary master cylinder replacement (This bulletin supersedes 1800SB20 and 1800SB22.)
1800SB24 (revised) RECALL 2006-2012 GL1800-8A Airbag Module Replacement